Friday, 3 May 2013

Crane over the Axe Valley = (not a real) Patch Lifer !

I received a text from Steve saying Sue (Smith) had seen a large bird fly over which sent all the birds on the estuary up. I guessed it would probably be a Crane, and as it would have been a patch lifer for me I decided to go and investigate; a pretty stupid idea considering the state I'm still in, but hey, it was only 1 mile to travel.
I got some very distant shots of it whilst it was high up in thermals, but they came out okay-ish for the distance as it's such a big bird! The rings on it's legs suggest that it's one of the Somerset Levels birds. There's also a pic of a female Mallard with ducklings, and some of a landed Whimbrel from Black Hole Marsh:

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