Tuesday, 7 May 2013

KINGFISHERS MATING !!! A special moment

With yesterdays walk revealing some interesting things about local Kingfishers, I decided to go straight from work to the River this evening. I was waiting near one of the quieter areas (i.e. where most people don't go and disturb the birds) and heard two very vocal Kingfishers. I poked my head up out of the cover and saw this amazing event:

This is very interesting given what I discovered yesterday... I'm not going to elaborate on this as:
a) Kingfishers are protected by law and most local people (I'm sorry to say) who are apparently 'interested' really don't have a clue how to be subtle or go about seeing birds without disturbing them.
b) I don't want people knowing where my preferred area is or more importantly, where the nest site is.

This post is to show those who are interested that their has been at least some Kingfisher success, rather relieving after last years breeding attempts were hideously disrupted with frequent severe flooding. So, GOOD NEWS.

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