Sunday, 17 March 2013

Spotted Redshank and Spoonbill, River Axe

Short post cos I'm knackered! After a tough week (more on this if I get time. 90+ hours of work in the last 6 days to give you an idea!) I was hoping for a nice lie in until at least 08:00 this morning. So much for that! I received a text yesterday about a Spotted Redshank viewable from Seaton Marshes, and as I was busy working at the time the only option was for an early start today. So 6am and I was up and biked over to have a look around. It wasn't a particularly appealing view of the River as it was still slightly dark and visibility was poor due to constant light rain. But nevermind!! The Spoonbill was asleep on one of the banks in front of the Seaton Marshes hide so it was worth the trip already. About 5 mins later I located the Spotted Redshank; all pics are naff because of the rain, 7am light and distance but it's recognisable and it was just stunning in its winter plumage. Here's a couple of pics of the Spotted Redshank, and also the Spoonbill after it moved onto the field near the park a bit later on:

It was a good job I did go down early; my sighting of the Spotted Redshank at approx 07:50 was the last (as far as I've heard). Hopefully it's still around and just moved off for the high tide and then hid...

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