Monday, 25 March 2013

Big fall of migrants around the Axe Valley

Here's a few pics from the last few days. I headed out in the pouring rain on Friday to see the Sandwich Terns at Bridge Marsh. My camera and new lens got completely drenched. Here's a very distant pic of some of the Sandwich Terns through a lot of heavy rain:

MASSIVELY cropped pic
I also took a pic of a Buzzard which was struggling in the wind and rain. Shame I wasn't close to it as it would have made a nice shot. Again, this is massively cropped:

Like near the Axe, there's also a crazy amount of Chiffchaffs around the River Coly. Must have seen a good hundred or so over a 2 mile stretch of river, and that's without looking for them. Hopefully they get through the cold patch!

A good couple hundred of these in the fields by the River Coly
I missed both Ospreys due to work commitments... but at least I did get the Little Ringed Plovers yesterday evening. Yes, evening. I was out on a walk until 16:40 so then rushed to Black Hole Marsh and managed these lousy pics in ridiculous light (lack of) at gone 17:30. I think the new lens did a fairly good job considering the conditions. Definitely made use of the f2.8 even if the focal length is only a 1/3 of your average Bridge camera...

I really hope that the decent fall this 'Spring' continues. And also that it warms up soon!