Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Spoonbill, Avocet & others on the Axe

After receiving a message from Steve last night informing me of the presence of a Spoonbill on the Axe, I set the alarm clock early (05:30) and headed to Seaton Marshes whilst it was still nice and dark. I had a look around the estuary with Gav and Steve but didn't have any luck. After we parted ways I decided to head back over to Seaton marshes for one last look before having to move off for work. It's a good job I did! The Spoonbill was feeding near to the Seaton hide. I inadvertently flushed it (although Steve didn't complain because he then saw it from the other side of the river as it was flying upstream) and took a few naff pics. This was at 06:55 so you can imagine what the light levels were like for photography!!!
I had to leave at 07:20 as I had to get to work. It wasn't easy to drag myself away from the Spoonbill (and Avocet). Whilst at work I saw Steve's tweet with Gav's pic of the Spoonbill at Black Hole Marsh (absolutely stunning image). TYPICAL, nicely posing for all of the other photographers whilst I'm stuck at work. I booked the afternoon off to try and get some shots in less dark conditions but the Spoonbill remained distant at all times during the afternoon (50 metres at it's absolute closest, from the hide at Seaton Marshes). I did catch up with the Avocet though so the holiday hours were well spent. Avocet and Spoonbill were both firsts for me. Not bad to get them both on the same day! I hope the latter hangs around for a few days and poses for me like it did for all the others!! We'll see. Here's a few of the pics:

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