Saturday, 2 March 2013

More River Coly action! Kingfisher & Dipper update.

I went for a brief walk by the River Coly after work both yesterday and today. Pretty dull conditions so taking the camera was nearly a waste of time. I'm determined to learn what the Kingfishers and Dippers are doing in terms of pairing up. I'm glad to report that I did see a Kingfisher near to one of the nest sites which collapsed last year. Hopefully there are two birds and they'll rebuild! Time will tell.
As for the Dippers, I've also only seen the one. Here's a couple pics from the walks. (Poor quality, taken after 16:30 on both days).

Not a sharp pic, but I kinda like the blinking-yawn pose!

I'm sure I left my tail somewhere around here...

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