Friday, 8 March 2013

3 Avocets on the River Axe

After yesterdays moderate success of taking pics of the single Avocet, I was rather excited by a text from Steve informing me that two more had turned up! So in 11 years of birding (wasn't in the communication loop until recently, and time has always been a problem) I see 0 Avocets, and then I get 3 in two days! Can't complain! :) Thanks to Steve for the tip off.
I looked over the estuary, Seaton marshes and Black Hole Marsh but didn't see the Avocets. It was fairly high tide on the river once I'd arrived after finishing work mid-afternoon. I decided to wait in Tower Hide in case the water level encouraged them to drop into Black Hole Marsh. It didn't; but they did do a distant fly by. Lucky I was looking up in the sky at the time otherwise I would have missed them! Here's a few shots. The image quality is far from amazing due to the distances involved, but who cares?! 3 patch Avocets in the same area of sky!! Gotta be chuffed with that.

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