Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Very close up bird pics...

I spent a while lying down in the garden over the weekend in the hope that something would land in front of me. It did! Only a blackbird, but it allowed me to use the 70-200mm lens without much post-production cropping being required. There's also a few pics from Friday which didn't make the blog because the Monties took priority! I headed out after the Wood Warbler which Steve found but frustratingly could hear it but not see it. I waited for a while and it eventually started singing at around 19:00. Hopefully it stays for a bit and I'll give it another go as soon as I have a free time slot (likely to be late Friday).
Well worth clicking on all of these, especially the blackbird pics. Just look at the feather detail...

I could probably edit the twig out but don't really have the time. Hopefully I'll get some better photo opportunities of the lovely Sedge Warblers soon!

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