Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Some good news, some pics and some birds at last!

Some new determination has recently come over me; every free second of daylight I've had lately has been spent out with the camera (doesn't equate to a lot of seconds, but at least it's some!!). I've spent the vast majority of this keeping an eye on how things are progressing with the River Coly. It looks as though all three of the Kingfisher pairs whose nests I discovered have moved elsewhere. Not entirely surprising given that all three nest sites fell into the river during last year's floods. There is still a male bird around, but I haven't seen the female since the recent flood (could be sitting at a new nest site, we should find out in the next 5 to 6 weeks).

However, it's not all bad; there is DEFINITELY a pair of Dippers on the River Coly. And neither of them are the ringed bird from last years breeding pair. Here's the evidence!

Poor pics but this was fantastic (and relieving) to see.

I headed out for an Otter watch a couple of evenings ago but with no luck in seeing one. The most interesting thing I saw was a Chiffchaff (yes, really). Here's a night (genuinely) shot:

There are also a few Treecreepers around the River Coly tree line:

And this evening I took this pic out of my bedroom window. Too dark and too distant for a good pic but I'm very pleased to see these in the middle of town!!

Blackcaps- quite an unusual sight in Colyton

The female soon moved off, as another male landed right by her!

There'll be another post from recent Coly birding soon; there's too much to fit in this post.

Let's hope this fall continues...

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