Thursday, 18 April 2013

Some half decent pics from the Axe Valley

Despite persistence, I'm still managing to miss the Barn Owl at Black Hole Marsh. It's been very windy the last two evenings so I guess perhaps it was reluctant to show. I did get some shots of the 3 Pintail yesterday evening though. Dark and distant but it's a flying shot so it deserves a spot on the blog:
I cropped the 3rd bird out of this pic

A very familiar pose!
Here's a pic of a Redshank from the weekend taken from Tower Hide. I took this with the old camera and lens arrangement as it wasn't quite close enough for the new bit of kit:

Here's a pic of a distant Redwing taken in Colyton over the weekend:

And two pics of a Green Sandpiper from this evening. These are the half decent ones I referred to in the post title. Again, these were taken with the old kit as it was too far away for the new kit, but I'm pleased with how they came out. DEFINITELY worth clicking on them to enlarge the view!

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