Thursday, 21 January 2016


Well I finally did the sensible thing and bought myself a scope. The intention is that it comes with me as well as all my camera equipment so we'll see how that works out... As portability was the priority I bought the 65mm version; those of you that have seen me out with the camera know that my gear is not exactly small! I was becoming increasingly frustrated at not being able to scan through gulls or ducks out on the estuary/marshes; doing this thoroughly with binoculars or the camera is simply impossible (unless the birds are abnormally close of course).

And WOW what a difference the scope makes! I bought it with a Swarovski 25-50 x eyepiece and the magnification difference between that and my camera gear is absolutely phenomenal.

I have also been having a little dabble in digiscoping - there will be some posts about this in due course!

Time to examine my Collins and brush up on my gull ID skills...

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