Wednesday, 13 January 2016

AMERICAN WIGEON at Bowling Green Marsh

With the Yank Wigeon having spent a couple of days very close to the hide at Bowling Green Marsh, I couldn't resist finally going to see it. When I arrived, the hide was emptying and one of the birders told me that the Wigeon flock had just flushed from the area around the hide. TYPICAL. I gave it a couple of hours and eventually a young lady in the hide spotted the bird; it was always distant and the light was coming from 90deg angle which is about as bad as can be. I took some ropey pics which are posted below. I don't like posting naff pics but will make an exception here as this bird was a lifer & in good old Devon. I will try and go there again to get some pics when the bird is in a more obliging mood (it was on the field but nearly all the way out to the main body of water at the back as viewed from the hide).


  1. Waoo!!!! Best pics I have seen so far of this american wigeon.


  2. Beautiful birds. I have never seen that birds. But we have Eurasian wigeons in here at summer.

    1. They are indeed! They have a nice call as well.

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