Saturday, 30 January 2016

Stunning Drake GW TEAL (on patch too)

A text from Ian Mc had me jogging down to Black Hole Marsh this afternoon; Mike Lock had found a Green-Winged Teal on Black Hole Marsh! I really tried hard to track down the bird which was showing on Bridge Marsh at the end of 2015, but with no success. That proved to be a difficult bird, as Dave H (Chard) also managed to miss it despite trying on multiple occasions. I arrived at Black Hole Marsh to find nobody else there; I was expecting the bird to be at the back of the reserve, like the ducks normally are, so it was a nice surprise to see it only 100ft or so away from Island Hide. A lot of the other local birders came and saw it including Bun, Sue and Ian Waite, and it was good to see Dave there - his first at Seaton. Here's a couple of snaps; not great due to wind, rain and dull light, but as GW Teal go, I understand that this was a very showy one!


  1. Superb pics that really show the many features well. Brilliant.