Saturday, 11 March 2017

Short-eared Owl & Avocet on Patch

Many thanks to Ian Mc for the messages this morning; I was just about to head out for the SEO when he sent another message saying Avocet still on BHM. Being closer to home it was logical to try for the Avocet first. It was on show as soon as I got to Tower Hide and feeding in the same area as the bird in Autumn of last year. This bird is ringed so it'll be interesting to find out where else it has been. The pics aren't great due to the moderate distance and dull light but worth posting none-the-less:

With a Grey Plover in the background

After seeing the Avocet I proceeded to Seaton Marshes to see if the Short-eared Owl was still showing. It was showing but quite a long way off and partially behind cover. If you thought the Avocet pics were dodgy then prepare yourself for this one; it was far too distant for DSLR pics. A superzoom or digiscope arrangement would have been better suited but still not easy!

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