Sunday, 24 April 2016

Patch Bronze - Tufted Duck joins the party...

Seaton Marshes continues to produce the goods with a Tufted Duck present on the Lagoon North of the hide this evening. Not an uncommon bird by any means, but it's pretty scarce here on patch; our last one was in 2014. Here's a couple snaps of it:

After the encounter with a stunning adult Yellow Wagtail last night, I figured an early morning trip to Seaton Marshes should hopefully show that they were still about. Unfortunately when I arrived I bumped into Mike Hill who said Phil Abbott had nothing of interest this morning and all was quiet. Thankfully this was wrong! There were at least 7 Yellow Wagtails showing well behind the Borrow Pit, one of them posing briefly for a couple of pics:

Dance, dance, dance

Better check my claws are all still there...

Gorgeous birds. Another 4 Yellow Wags dropped in this evening, presumably new birds as it was at last light (just like it was yesterday)! Also I finally had my first Swifts of the year, with 3 birds feeding over the Lagoon.

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