Friday, 29 April 2016

HOOPOE on patch

After far too much writing on 'Montygate' here's something that's a nice change from the political crap; after all, people primarily come here for the birds and photos. The Monty posts have had just shy of 20,000 views so hopefully this is primarily because of the sheer quality of the bird - it certainly was a good one.

And here's another April beauty; Jo from Lower Bruckland Ponds found a Hoopoe this evening and as I was already in my car I was there in a couple of minutes. It was mobile and keeping to treetops, hard to keep track of but generally following the tree-line heading North along the lane from Lower Bruckland Farm towards Haye Farm - hopefully it'll be around that area in the morning. I lost it whilst sending out messages but Phil soon arrived and we tried to relocate it. It was getting late so the bird had possibly gone to roost; that would explain why it was so mobile in the trees. Phil reckons that the habitat towards Haye Farm is pretty much spot on for Hoopoe so hopefully it's still around. There's a Public Footpath sign and a gate near the entrance to the lane leading up to Haye Farm - this is probably the best spot to check for it in the morning (just keep walking/driving 200-300m ish up the road from the Ponds), although the suitable habitat area is huge there and Phil said they can be an absolute git to pin down sometimes. We'll find out - hopefully this will be a predictable one and remain in the area for everyone else to see. On the other hand, if you go for it and can't find it, then the Ponds café opens at 11am and I can recommend the cake or ice cream. Although, with recent temperatures more typical of February or March, a pot of Tea is more likely to be the refreshment of choice!

There may be better pics than this one but in about 3 hours the Sun will be rising so I should probably get to bed! There's a busy schedule for the rest of today with Conference Calls in the morning and a business trip to organise (only to Scotland) but I'm sure it'll be possible to fit some birding in around the necessary employment activities. Still 2 days of April left... can we manage another scarcity/rarity?


  1. Many thanks Tim.I have been hoping to see this lovely bird for many years.We had some stunning views this morning.

    1. You're welcome Peter - it was a first for me too. Great bird and we were fortunate with how showy it was.