Friday, 4 July 2014

Some Yellow Legs!

An afternoon visit to Black Hole Marsh resulted in some excitement, with a very distant wader looking odd with vivid yellow legs. I quickly got on the phone to Steve Waite and Tweeted a couple of pics to him but it wasn't enough to ID the bird due to distance. Eventually it flapped and showed it's plumage off, making the ID obvious. This is the view I had first when I was unsure of ID:

The rain didn't help with ID-ing the bird either. Fortunately it flew and called, immediately eliminating any doubt that it's anything but a juvenile Redshank. The closer views also made it obvious, except with the legs which are still bloody yellow! It's not a trick of the light, or pale red or anything, they are literally yellow!

Juvenile Redshank (with yellow legs!)

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