Friday, 11 October 2013

One of my favourite birds from the River Coly

A Dipper has been frequenting Umborne and Chantry bridges lately. I'm interested to know where this one has come from seeing as though the nesting pair went missing in June, and it's not the ringed bird from last year either...
VERY dark conditions for photography but they're such characterful little birds that I took some pics anyway. Lovely!


  1. Hi Tim. Cracking Dipper shot that mate - it's a 1w bird (born this year). Nice white tips to the wing feathers (especially those primary and greatear coverts) and nice dull brown iris.

    1. Thanks! Ahh okay well that's even more interesting seeing as though the pair I was following failed to breed. Maybe it was from much further up the Coly as the bird which I read the ring from last year was from a Wilmington pair.