Friday, 25 October 2013

Merlin & Peregrine, Axe Estuary !!!

It was just a couple of days ago when I was messaging Steve Waite and mentioned how I'd love to see a Merlin (and Short Eared Owl) as I'd never seen either anywhere, let alone on the patch. So when Tim Wright sent a message out that there was a Merlin over the Estuary I ran straight over to Tower Hide where it was being watched from. Yes, I ran; I was at Seaton Marshes watching a Peregrine at the time and it was PIS*ING it down. I managed to get to the car without too much damage, then dashed over to the car park near Black Hole Marsh, and again ran, down to Tower Hide. To those of you who are aware of the weight of my camera gear (camera bag around 30 lbs), as well as my heart condition, you'll appreciate that running wasn't easy for me... to be honest it was downright stupid but I was determined not to miss a Merlin. Firstly, here's some of the pics of the Peregrine (and Curlew):

And now onto the Merlin...
The bird was very distant from Tower Hide so after a few dismal attempts at photographing it, I opted to run once more and head to the other side of the Estuary. I got fairly close to the bird but frustratingly it wasn't visible from Axmouth side; it was on a low branch the view of which was blocked by other vegetation. I took a rubbish shot of it as it headed upstream:

Hopefully it'll stay for a few days and give better opportunity for photos and viewing!

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