Monday, 29 July 2013

Black Hole Marsh pictorial catch up

Well it seems the news of my new camera gear has spread despite me trying to keep it quiet. I suppose it's pretty difficult to disguise the enormity of the 600mm lens though so it was only a matter of time before it was noticed! So I've now gone from having the smallest lens of the local wildlife photographers to having the largest, yay! On the downside it is VERY heavy, I've let some of the other photographers hold it and they can't lift it into a shooting position... but hey, I'm younger than most ;)

The 600mm is ideal for Black Hole Marsh as it's always difficult to get close enough to birds for decent pics. They're still usually a lot further away than I'd like but I certainly stand a greater chance of taking something half-decent with the new kit. Now all I need is a 1D X body for the 600mm and a 200-400mm for my current body for River Coly shooting... (£15K worth so I think not!!!). 

I've been teasing myself with the idea of buying a 'big lens' for a long time now, so when a ridiculous offer was presented to me (thanks Alex & Joe) I finally got some balls and went for it. Hey, YOLO (if you're savvy with the lingo). 

Now onto the pics. I've been out a LOT lately so have much blogging to catch up with. It was nice to see a Turnstone on the marsh yesterday but it never came close enough for a decent pic. A wader post will follow this one soon but for now enjoy these pics of Martins and the still-present showy juvenile Mediterranean Gull:

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