Sunday, 18 March 2012

DIPPERS (River Coly)- vastly improved photos, & some video footage

The Dippers on the River Coly have now become quite an obsession! I'm still trying to get close enough to the ringed bird to be able to read the ring clearly... Here's a selection of yesterdays photos:

Technique used to get fairly close up shots of Dipper:
- Locate the bird/birds (I always listen to pin point their location before actually seeing them. Obviously this depends on whether you are competent at identifying the call of Dipper or not)
- Observe the bird/birds and see which direction they are moving e.g. upstream or downstream
- Head in the same direction as the bird but go 15-20 metres FURTHER in that direction than them
- Check that the bird is still happy e.g. not looking agitated
- Move in until you're within 12 metres or so or the bird
- LIE DOWN on the ground, regardless of vegetation (I was lying on wet mud and some stinging nettles and brambles for the majority of the above shots)
- Move until you have a fairly clear view of the bird through the vegetation
- Assuming you haven't done any of the above wrong or made your presence obvious to the bird, then Dipper will continue heading in the original direction, hopefully right in front of where you are waiting. This is how I got close of shots. Find birds, observe behaviour, calculate distances moved in a set time frame, be quiet and slow in all movement, and above all, be PATIENT.

And a brief video clip:

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