Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pics from Colyford Marshes

I spent some of sunday having a good look around Colyford marshes and the hides etc. Here is a small selection of my shots from that day:

Taken at Black Hole Marsh. Take note of the prey...
This one was bounding around either side of the Colyford hide
Taken at Black Hole Marsh
Taken at Black Hole Marsh

Taken near the Field Studies Base

Dunlin. There was a flock of 5. Taken at Black Hole Marsh

A fairly tame Kestrel over Colyford common

And again...

I also saw a Kingfisher and a Sparrowhawk (with a catch) but the photos were too distant to be worth posting here.
Another post will follow this one soon. I took today off work (using up some holiday hours) so that I actually had time to go out just for the purpose of birding. I went to the Radipole lake in Weymouth with Dad today and saw the Marsh Harriers and a Hobby, amongst other species. Unfortunately the weather was dull and pretty tough for photography, and the subjects were a LONG way away (most of them). None-the-less a post with some pics will be sorted shortly, even if the pics are mediocre at best!

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