Saturday, 16 July 2011

On patch Little Owls, Kestrels, Water Voles, Spotted Flycatcher, and my FIRST Hobby

I still need to put up some shots taken from my holiday in Austria, but I'll prioritise with some local stuff. Here's a selection of recent shots:

This next one came as a pleasant surprise... I was innocently photographing a young buzzard attempting to ride a thermal when another BOP flew by. I took as many shots as I could but it was flying at a fair rate! I assumed it was a Peregrine at the time, but looking back at the photos, it was actually a Hobby. The first one I've ever seen. And in Colyton!! (by the River Coly). Shame the shot wasn't better, but the 2 second window I had to shoot in before the bird was gone was pretty restrictive.

Spotted Flycatcher: Colyton near the church.
Little Owls: Colyton, secret location.
Kestrels: Black Hole Marsh.
Water Voles: Black Hole Marsh
Hobby: Fly by at the River Coly.

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