Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Birds in Colyton (not Kingfishers this time!)

After the period of Kingfisher excitement, I've taken a few shots of some other birds at the River Coly.
Blackcaps: There are at least two families of these by the river. Can be seen frequently.
Grey Heron: Can be seen anywhere on the Coly. Chantry Bridge is best for viewing/photos if it's there.
Bullfinches: Seen a pair of these a couple of times now. Visiting the area briefly rather than going there regularly I think.
Treecreepers: These have done well by the Coly. Not hard to find, but determined not to be photographed.
Spotted Flycatchers: A pair of these appeared last week and can be seen near Heathayne. Another pair have nested next to a Colyton pub, The Gerrard Arms. Can be seen from the church path pretty much all daytime.

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