Wednesday, 2 August 2017

3 Cattle Egrets and an excellent morning

1st August:
Island Hide shortly before 08:00 yielded nothing more interesting than 2 Green Sands but the following 4 hours from Tower Hide were far more productive. Upon arriving, 2 Kingfishers were showing briefly but quite well. I was hoping the Marsh Harrier would show but it seems as though it moved on last night after I last saw it at around 19:00.

Ian Mc spotted 6 Goosander on the estuary so myself and Richard (@cork_head on Twitter) grabbed a few distant shots.

At 10:40 I spotted the 2 Cattle Egrets that have been here since the weekend, sitting on one of the islands on BHM. Again we grabbed a few distant shots until I noticed there were 3 Cattle Egrets on the island. A new one! I wonder if more are yet to come...

All 3 Cattle Egrets amongst the Little Egrets

We had some new waders in today as there were 8 adult Ringed Plover at BHM yesterday along with a juvenile but today yielded 4 juvs and 4 adults. It was low tide at this point so there were probably some more around locally. There was also a Greenshank on the estuary for much of the day.

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