Friday, 24 February 2017

A Tour of Stover Park

Whilst at the Heathfield waxwings I got talking to a gentleman who was heading over to Stover Park for a look around. Seeing as though I'd never been there I asked if he'd mind me tagging along and he kindly agreed. What a nice place! He gave me a guided tour of the area so that I'd be familiar with it for any future visits and we had nice views of 6+ Goosander, 3+ Tufted Duck, singles of Kingfisher & Great Crested Grebe along with many other species. Seems like a nice place for a family outing or a pooch walk so I may try and persuade Nat to go there with me (if the dog can't go then she won't go)!

I only took pics of a Goosander and some LBB Gulls as the priority was to have a decent look around. Whoever you were, many thanks to the gentleman that showed me around!

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