Sunday, 27 March 2016

SEATON JURASSIC is officially open!

Well it was a pretty miserable day in terms of weather for the opening of a new attraction to Seaton, but the new building was busy and buzzing none-the-less.
It truly is a fantastic building; hopefully it helps bring more people here in the tourism season.

I hear that they are stocking a range of greeting cards and mounted prints featuring some very local wildlife photographs, taken and produced by a certain someone...

Yep - I'm pleased to announce that Seaton Jurassic is now an outlet of my photo products; my first 'store-front' in Seaton. A lot of the designs will have featured on this blog over the last few years, although there are a few 'new' ones which have very intentionally been kept off of social media due to the content. Occasionally you get a unique opportunity to capture a special moment with a camera; this happened in 2011 when I got some extraordinary images of Kingfishers on a local River. All images were taken legally and responsibly - but due to Kingfishers being a Schedule 1 species, I decided to leave the photos off of social media until the site was no longer active, just to guarantee that I didn't indirectly cause disturbance to them through the actions of other people. I found the location of the nest site (along with another 3 nest sites) and these photos were taken at a favoured feeding area, away from the nest site. The site no longer exists as it was destroyed by flooding and erosion a couple of years ago. With the number of outlets of my products increasing, the time has come to release some of my most treasured images.
The main one of interest will be a shot of 5 Kingfishers together with all of them posing beautifully, blissfully unaware that they had landed in front of a man with a camera. One shot did have 6 birds in the frame but there was too much unwanted movement in the pic to make it a commercially viable image.

It is still my intention to leave the aforementioned images off of social media due to the inevitable controversial conversation that it would generate - if you want to see these images of an extraordinary event, then you'll just have to visit Seaton Jurassic... Oh and please purchase a print/card or two ;-)

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