Sunday, 3 May 2015


I took Dad up to see the Hudwit this afternoon. It was distant as always (inevitable at Meare Heath) but the overcast conditions allowed nice lighting for photography. People think I'm odd for preferring overcast conditions, with most photographers present waiting for the Sun to light up the scene, and taking their eye off the camera when it was overcast. In doing so they miss moments such as this...

Granted, photography and correct exposures is more challenging in overcast/shady conditions, but that's what FULL MANUAL mode is for; play around with the settings, irrespective of the cameras automatic metering etc. and take the image unassisted. Someone else may have this same shot, unless literally all other photographers present weren't bothering with the shady conditions. If this pic was in full Sun however, it would not look ANYWHERE near as good as this.

Ideally this would have been 50 - 60 yards closer, but given the circumstances, I'm rather chuffed with the above shot.

Here are a couple more; nearly a nice reflection on one of them but not quite!

More to come; these are just tasters...


  1. I'm not a photographer but have just recently gotten excited about birdwatching and wow!! These are wonderful !

  2. Nice pics but while spoil them with your name across the image. Post a taster then save the rest. If you are going to publish a photo on social media then make sure it's clean. It smacks of arrogance that you think everyone wants to rip your photos off. You're hardly a hosking!

    1. Hello anonymous troll. I have had a problem with image theft in the past, and I earn comfortably from my photography. So thank you for your comment but you're completely unqualified to make it.

    2. Also you meant 'why' as opposed to 'while' in your first sentence. And it required a question mark rather than a full stop. If you're going to write rudely on someone's blog then at least do so with a small amount of intelligence.