Monday, 9 June 2014

Barn Owl and Signet pics

I had a very enjoyable evening at Black Hole Marsh with some good company in the form of John Crabb. This was the first (reported) evening that both adult Barn Owls were out hunting at the same time; myself and John were watching one adult hunting for an hour or so but just after 21:00 both flew out! The Signet photo was also taken today (B & W edit). I apologise for the images being noisy; the low light makes this an inevitable problem:


  1. Yes Tim, it was a good evening and all the more enjoyable for being able to share the excitement with you. Some of my shots were quite good, but inevitably noisy as you say. Hoping to have another try on Wednesday. It is definitely addictive as we remain convinced that we will get that killer shot if we just hang in there.

    1. I popped up again this evening and had slightly better luck but it only showed and caught prey a couple of times in the 2 hours I was there. The persistence will pay off for us...

  2. Hi, I am hoping to visit Black hole marsh for the first time on Thursday, I'm only from Sidmouth, but have never been before. Are the owls regular showers? I've been waiting for one in Budliegh for months!! Where's the best place to set up? A lot of people rave about the island hide, but do you get to see a lot from there or is it quite limited? many thanks - Emma