Sunday, 25 May 2014

Owl photos, both Barn & Tawny

An evening visit to Black Hole Marsh proved a worthwhile venture; the remaining Tawny Owl parent and chick were showing albeit in difficult positioning for photography. I did manage to get a couple of clear shots just after 21:00 (it was getting dark meaning I had to use ISO 6400 on the camera!!). A Barn Owl also put on a pleasing performance and gave the impression that it was taking prey to and fro to feed to other birds. This is indicative that it's a bird from a breeding pair; it'd be good if this is the case as there's been little evidence of Barn Owls pairing up here so far this year.
Here's some of the Owl pics from this evening along with a pic of a Little Ringed Plover (at Black Hole Marsh all afternoon & evening). Please forgive the poor image quality of the owl pics; the light was not ideal due to the hours when such species are most active!

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