Thursday, 27 February 2014


I booked the day off work today and finally made the trip to Marshfield, Gloucestershire to see the Red-Flanked Bluetail. The weather was gloomy with the occasional heavy shower but I'm one of those abnormal photographers who prefers to shoot in shady conditions; colours look more aesthetically pleasing IMO, and without ugly reflections from certain colours or textures. Thankfully my camera is quite capable of taking a nice photo in dull conditions when cranking up the ISO setting.

The bird. After my HIDEOUS dip with the Brunnich's Guillemot earlier in the year when I went to see it on the first day of it's absence, I was determined for this outing to be a successful one. It was. I didn't get any 'brilliant' photos but some of them are satisfactory. I have somewhere in the region of 1100 shots to sort through so I'll just post this one initially, to give you a taster...

Thank you and VERY well done to the finder. I'm glad I was able to see and appreciate this cracking little bird like so many others have.


  1. Fabulous picture. Not sure quite how you would make it much better? Decent neutral background, good focus, light in the bird's eye etc.. Lovely!

    1. Thanks Ian. Could've done with a little more of the blue feathers in view but that's just being picky. Some of the other pics will show these off well but the backgrounds are horrible on some!

  2. Hi Tim,
    Is there any chance of a copy of you photo for the website please?

    I was with John Barnett 15 minutes after he found it!

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Martyn Hayes

    1. Hi Martyn,

      Sure! There're some email addresses in the contacts section of the TBOSG, which shall I send the file to?