Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Brunnich's Guillemot & Glossy Ibis

Due to recent success I decided to brave the elements and try and twitch the Brunnich's at Portland Harbour this morning. There was no sign of it after an hour or two of looking from 9am so I nipped off to see if the Glossy Ibis was still hanging around the playing fields near to Radipole Lakes. The Ibis was indeed there so I took a few distant pics through the storm (heavy rain and hard-to-stand-up-in winds).
So attempt two with the Brunnich's and it still hadn't been seen (or at the time of writing this post now that I'm home) so it seems that the only day I had available to go and see it was the first day that it hasn't been seen since the day of discovery. Terrific! A bad dip to start off 2014 was not the plan... hopefully the birding year will improve, and significantly.

Glossy Ibis

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