Friday, 16 November 2012

Pics from a good afternoon birding on the Axe

Despite the gloom and occasional drizzle, I visited Tower Hide for a couple of hours after work. It was all pretty boring on the bird front for the first 1 1/2 hours, I did see a MINK though. I was about 85% sure it was a mink when I saw it (was on the verge on the marsh side the fence by the path up to Tower Hide) so I checked some pics of it on the net when I got home and I'm now 99.9% sure it was a mink. I hadn't seen one before and the view was brief and only of the rear 3/4 of the animal, hence why I wasn't as sure at first. Hopefully the rangers can find it and destroy it.
In the latter half hour of the visit, there was a LOT of interest on the bird front. Two Knot were on the estuary, also a Med Gull and I spotted the Cattle Egret opposed the hide (but distant). One of the Kingfishers showed briefly, and also a lovely Sparrowhawk. Here's a few of the pics:
Little Grebe with a big meal. It later dropped the eel.

Only the 2nd one I've ever seen landed.


  1. Greedy Grebe! shame he lost his dinner!

  2. It seems that there are definately mink on the Axe valley - we saw one today as it ran under the bridge and swam up the river to disappear in the undergrowth whilst we were watching the fish swim upriver at Colyton.