Monday, 29 October 2012

Redshank in flight pics

Well what a disastrous weekend I had! I missed the Cattle Egret on Saturday as my day at work was longer than anticipated, and I got VERY distant views of it on Sunday by the A3052 from Colyford Hide. I thought I'd quickly visit Tower Hide to see if there was anything of interest about. There wasn't. I took some pics of a Redshank and that was about it. I later got a message from Steve Waite saying that the Cattle Egret was showing on Colyford Marshes, very close to the viewing platform; so I quickly headed back out but something fairly substantial had a firm collision with my left eye. Whatever it was became embedded in my Cornea for a while. I did manage to get home but not without vomiting from the pain (or shock, one of the two). Not something I want to repeat in any hurry. I have booked tomorrow afternoon off of work as holiday so hopefully the Cattle Egret is still about (although I haven't heard any reports of it being seen today). Worth a shot anyway. Here's the Redshank pics:

It's worth clicking on these to enlarge them if you'd like a bigger view, especially the bottom pic.

Also, I've updated my 'new' blog at:

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