Sunday, 16 September 2012

Curlew Sandpiper (BHM) and close-up Wheatear pics

So I had a (nearly) whole week off of work, and there was NOTHING of interest on patch until it was over. Great. Best of the week was some dragonflies, some butterflies and this Wheatear which let me sneak up very close to it:

Or at least that was the best of the week until Phil texted about a Curlew Sandpiper being present on BHM not long after 10 o'clock this morning. So myself and Dad cut our aeromodelling (another hobby) day short and reached BHM by late afternoon. It was further away than people had it earlier, but I understand that it never came close enough for a decent photo. So here's my very mediocre attempt (from a good 100 metres away):

I've still got some holiday from work which I have to use by the end of the month so hopefully some more birds of interest will turn up (please).

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