Monday, 27 August 2012

Successful Dipper fledging on the Coly despite massive floods!

After yesterdays success with the ringed adult Dipper on the River Coly, I went out for another go today (yes, in the pouring rain). The first Dipper I saw was flying in an erratic manner, which made me wonder which bird it was as I am familiar with the characteristics of the pair, and this one didn't fit the profile! I managed to get quite close to it in the end. It looks like a juvenile but the feathers are fairly developed. I'm guessing this bird was from a brood that got away early in the breeding season. Great stuff!!
I'm hoping it'll still be hanging around the same stretch of river for a while so I can get out and take some decent photos when the weather suits (I don't think it's necessary to explain in depth why the photography aspect was difficult today; you're probably all aware of today's weather). I crept up towards the Dipper as I usually do, very slowly etc etc; the only difference this time is that I was holding my camera (definitely a two-handed affair) whilst also holding up an umbrella, with my legs. Image the scene; it may provide some momentary entertaining. Shuffling gradually towards this bird, umbrella propped between my legs, and trying to hold the camera within the confines of the umbrella's coverage. Oh yeah, and it was tipping it down. Ahh it's all part of the fun! There's also a couple of pics of the ringed adult bird at the end of the post.

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