Tuesday, 5 October 2010

That is one GREEDY Osprey!!!

An interesting day of birding! I started in Seaton hide in the morning, seeing a Kestrel, Sparrowhawks, Osprey, Wheatear, and others. A juvenile Sparrowhawk managed to grab a Green Woodpecker, but after a struggle and a lot of noise the two birds separated.

I went to Coronation Corner in Axmouth at around 2pm to see if the Osprey was around. It was. I moved down to near the bridge nearer the mouth of the Axe, as I could see the Osprey hunting there. The bird dived fairly close to me, and tried to emerge from the water with a LARGE fish, and failed. Eventually the Osprey managed to fly out, but had to land on the nearest bank as the fish was too heavy to carry. If only there was someone looking over the fence by the Tramway workshop!!! After a few minutes the Osprey flew further upstream, only to land on the ground again due to the size of the fish.

Another surprise was the two Grey Plover which turned up. My first sightings of these!
Here is a selection of the photos that I took today:

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