Monday, 21 August 2017

MEGA: American Yellow Warbler

A phone call from Bun had me cut my gym session short to see if I could free up some time to go to Portland and shortly afterwards Ian Mc (thanks to him for driving), Bun and I were heading East. We had brief views of the bird pretty much as soon as we arrived on site but it was very elusive. However, an hour or so later this happened...

Apparently it showed much better after we left so there may be some crippling shots to come from other people soon...

Thanks to Duncan, the finder!


  1. PORN! UTTER PORN. Beautiful mate. What a bird.

  2. Haha many thanks mate! Gorgeous wee thing.

  3. Cracking pics mate. I wanted to concentrate watching it, which is why mine are crap. Lovely bird though, weren't it.

    1. Thanks mate! Yeah I know what you mean; my camera stayed in the bag until I'd seen it properly through the bins then I switched modes to togging afterwards. Stunning bird! Good to see you there.